List of Senior Awardees

Sr.No Name Place Current Field of Interest
1 1 Dr. M.N. Srinivas
Bangalore Anthropology (Sociology) Read More
2 2 Prof. B. M. Udgaonkar
Bombay Science (Particle Physics) Read More
3 3 Dr. M. S. Gore
Bombay Sociology Read More
4 4 Dr. S. Gopal
Madras Humanities Read More
5 5 Dr.(Mrs.) Romila Thapar
New Delhi History Read More
6 6 Dr. B. V. Sreekantan
Bangalore Cosmic Rays Read More
7 7 Dr. A.P. Mitra
New Delhi Atmospheric Science Read More
8 8 Dr. Raja Ramanna
Bangalore Nuclear Physics Read More
9 9 Prof. Govind Swarup
Pune Radio Astronomy Read More
10 10 Mr. Sitakant Mahapatra
Bhubaneshwar Ethnic Traditions Read More
11 11 Dr. M. S. Valiathan
Manipal Ayurveda (Charaka Samhita) Read More
12 12 Prof. Obaid Siddiqi
Bangalore Neurogenetics Read More
13 13 Dr. Suma Chitnis
Mumbai Exploring Cultural Tradition in Maharashtra Read More
14 14 Prof. S. Ranganathan
Bangalore Metallurgy and Novel Materials Read More
15 15 Prof. K. N. Panikkar
Kerala Intellectual History of Modern India Read More
16 16 Mr. Vijay Tendulkar
Mumbai Historical Chronicle - a Personal Perspective Read More
17 17 Dr. P. P. Divakaran
Pune Intellectual and Social context Read More
18 18 Mr. Badal Sircar
Kolkatta Training for our Theatre the workshop process Read More
19 19 Mr. Satyadev Dubey
Mumbai Theatre Read More
20 20 Dr. Sudhir Kakar
Goa Psychohistorical Study- Rabindranth Tagore Read More
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