List of Homi Bhabha Fellows

Sr.No Name Place Current Field of Interest
1 1 Mr. R. N. Master
Jamshedpur Architecture Read More
2 2 Mr. P. Kumaraswamy
Madras Engineering Read More
3 3 Mr. Gopal Sharman
New Delhi Literature Read More
4 4 Mr. Jitendra Abhisheki
Bombay Music in relation to theatre Read More
5 5 Mr. S. K. Rangarajan
Karaikudi Science (Electrochemistry) Read More
6 6 Dr. Padmanabhan Babu
Bombay Science (Biology) Read More
7 7 Mr. Girish Karnad
Mysore Literature (Drama) Read More
8 8 Dr. V. N. Misra
Pune Archaeology Read More
9 9 Dr. S. G. Pal
Calcutta Science (Medicine) Read More
10 10 Mr. Shyam Benegal
Bombay Documentary & Educational Films Read More
11 11 Dr. V. I. Buch
Bombay Medicine (Plastic Surgery) Read More
12 12 Mr. Vinod P. Dwivedi
New Delhi Art History Read More
13 13 Mr. C. Badrinath
Madras Sociology Read More
14 14 Dr. Srinivasan Ramani
Bombay Computer Science Read More
15 15 Dr. S. M. Nair
Trivandrum Museum Science Read More
16 16 Dr.U.R.Ananthamurthy
Mysore Literature (Fiction) Read More
17 17 Dr. A. K. Malhotra
New Delhi Engineering (Ofshore oil exploration) Read More
18 18 Dr. Arun Shourie
New Delhi Statistics and Economics Read More
19 19 Mrs. Nelly Sethna
Bombay Art (Handicrafts) Read More
20 20 Mr. C. T. Khanolkar
Bombay Literature (Desavatara Tradition) Read More
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